Prepaid Deluxe is a first-class  prepaid program manager 

Exceptional flexibility to design, develop, implement and manage Mastercard® White Label prepaid card solutions.

The reasons why

A prepaid card for your company or association

By using us as a prepaid program manager, you will be able to offer prepaid cards to your own clients and internally aswell (and even have your own card design!). Your clients will be able to place cash onto the prepaid card to make purchases. Once the amount of money is used, it’s possible to load the card again as they please.

This type of program is especially good for companies and associations. Not only will you get full insights and control over your customers and internal spendings and behaviour, we will also provide you with white labeling throughout the program. 

Why use us as a prepaid program manager?


Monitor your customers’ behavior in real time

White label

We’ll design a card that suits your brand


Create differentiated user journeys for key customer groups


Make informed decisions based on relevant data


Powerful insights into your customers and card use

Relax - we'll take care of the complicated stuff!

By choosing us as your prepaid program manager, we’ll be responsible for  working with Mastercard to create a debit card program for your company or association. We will also assist you with a variety of other tasks, like creating rewards strategies, designing your credit card, fostering customer engagement, maintaining security and integrating technology. 

We are approved by Mastercard!


Would you like to get started?

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