Nordic programme manager Prepaid Deluxe choose Pannovate to deliver digital interface

Pannovate today announced the successful launch of the Prepaid Deluxe prepaid card product and the company’s expansion into the Swedish market. Prepaid Deluxe are a new programme manager bringing consumer and corporate prepaid solutions to the Nordics.

Prepaid Deluxe believe in providing unparalleled flexibility for designing, developing, implementing, and managing white labelled prepaid card solutions. Leveraging state of the art technology they have launched a comprehensive prepaid service to enable those wishing to launch their own prepaid programme, a quick and simple route to market.

Harry Klintebring CEO of Prepaid Deluxe said “During our supplier evaluation we needed a market leading application that would provide an edge to our offering, and we felt that LaunchPad would provide this.”

Pavle Ljujic CEO of Pannovate said “We are delighted to support such an innovative company to develop and grow within one of the most interesting markets. Pannovate are not bound by geography because of the way the platform is built with the ease of integrating with relevant suppliers to create a localised but technically advanced solution.”

Prepaid Deluxe will be unveiling further expansion plans into additional geographies such as the United Kingdom, but for now they are looking to advance into the payment space in their local market with their ethos of strong service and strong payment solutions sitting at the hub of their business.  

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About Pannovate
Pannovate is an award winning, specialist tech innovator, focussed on payments, fintech, crypto and Reg Tech. The digital agenda is a strategic imperative for all businesses. Our solutions and products accelerate the development of digital capabilities for companies operating in the financial services sector.

Our vision is to create exceptional digital experiences that make life easy.

We help our clients answer the key question: what problems are you trying to solve and for whom? Whether developing innovative new services and products or reinventing business models for a digital world; our cross-sector knowledge and our ability to work strategically and collaboratively with our clients makes Pannovate the best choice for your digital aspirations.

In practice, that means helping ambitious organisations build great value propositions for the new generation of customers by helping them close the digital skills gap within their organisation today so that they thrive tomorrow.

About PDL
Prepaid Deluxe is an innovative prepaid programme manager. Prepaid Deluxe provide white label Mastercard products for the European market which means you can get your solution up and running in no time leveraging the existing infrastructure we have to date, including access to an award winning app.

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