We intend to revolutionize the industry as it moves towards a cashless society.

The Prepaid Deluxe Mastercard is a debit card that anyone can use. Go shopping, share money with your friends and travel without limits with the new and flexible Prepaid Deluxe card.

Welcome to prepaid deluxe

A prepaid card for everyone

Prepaid Deluxe is a prepaid Mastercard debit card and serves as a regular bank card and can be used in 210 countries. Our card solution means that all stakeholders, even those who do not meet the authority’s credit rating requirements, can be offered a Mastercard card with an associated internet bank.


Simple application with immediate approval


No credit check is made, everyone is approved


Safer than cash, your money is protected if your card is lost or stolen


Shop safely via an app, online or in store


Multiple currency support and works on millions of ATMs around the world


Share money with family and friends

With Prepaid Deluxe Card Premium you can easily share money with family and friends in Sweden and abroad. The DigiCash Card premium is a package solution that includes one primary card and, if you wish, also one secondary card. Both cards are available in several currencies and money can be moved quickly and easily between the cards.

When you receive your packet with up to 2 cards, you keep the primary card yourself and send the secondary card to your family member or friend. You save both time and money by not having to go through expensive exchange offices.

The reasons why

Prepaid Deluxe is the perfect travel card​

When you order a card, you automatically get an internet bank account where you can make all the usual bank transactions. All banking business can also be performed via a mobile application. Via the app you can then switch between the different currencies SEK, NOK, DKK, EUR, GBP and USD, perfect when you are traveling. You save big costs in exchange fees and have better control over the balance in your account.


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